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Blissful days spent outdoors...

Come to a place where learning meets fun, and children meet role models, in a picturesque surrounding.

A premier outdoor-learning center located on the shores of Lake Tyler...

CTOS, started as the dream of Smith County community in 1945, was built by the community, and continues through the generosity of the community. It is said that Camp Tyler Outdoor School is the oldest, continuously operating, non-profit outdoor school in the U.S.

Helping children create and learn together in the great outdoors

The Camp Tyler Outdoor School provides a place…:

  • for personal growth and development of young people and adults
  • for experiential, hands-on, discovery learning
  • designed to bring children closer to the land
  • for children who have limited opportunities to experience the outdoors elsewhere
  • where families can come to learn together
  • that connects the past with the future
  • where lessons inspire thoughts for the future
  • where professionals interact as role models with students

The memories and lessons are priceless and lasting...

“Being a part of the Camp Tyler growth and development was one of the most cherished childhood memories of my education. I was always a kinesthetic learner. Camp Tyler was a multi-sensory environment for children like me before the term multi-sensory came to be a buzz word.”

- A past camper, now a grandmother, remembering her time at Camp Tyler in the 70s

Welcome to Camp Tyler, a place that your kids will love
and respect for years to come...


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