Camp Tyler Outdoor School provides exceptional outdoor learning experiences through discovery in our "classroom without walls". We partner with the BEETLES project (Better Environmental Education, Teaching, Learning & Expertise Sharing) to infuse our outdoor science programs with research-based approaches and tools to improve science teaching and learning.

  • Teaching critical thinking skills using nature as a teacher
  • Experiencing the joy of learning through discovery
  • Encouraging physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health

How Our Programs Make an Impact on Students

Because of you, Camp Tyler Outdoor School continues to serve children in times of strict budget constraints. Your thoughtful gifts make it possible for small struggling schools and large districts alike to have an opportunity to come to Camp Tyler Outdoor School and have students process through the 4C’s of character development using our team building exercises and low elements, Texas Village stresses the importance of community and interdependence and our connection to history. Ecosystems studies allow students to attain a new level of science and math concepts as they experience vocabulary words by exploring, measuring, tracking, digging, collecting, graphing and transferring words to real world exposure.