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Farm Animals (specific dates TBA)

Discover characteristics and adaptations unique to various farm animals. Learn the animals' basic needs and the importance of each animal and plant as food resources. Participate in responsibility and care of our farm animals as you experience the many ways animals enrich our lives.

Team Building

Every class that comes to Camp Tyler can benefit from our team building program! Through initiative games in the field and our low ropes course, groups learn to work on the 4 C’s—communication, cooperation, commitment, and caring. Classes move from being a collection of individuals toward being a true team, putting the needs of others before themselves, listening to everyone’s voice, and thinking like a family to accomplish challenges.

Survivor Scenario

What is your situation? Given a scenario can you work as a team to problem solve as you survive in the wild? Using skills such as orienteering, campfire building, and shelter building you will have the opportunity to practice skills needed to meet the basic needs of water, food, shelter, warmth, and safety.

Texas Village

Travel back in time to the 1800’s and learn to live like a pioneer! Students will participate in several hands-on activities like wood working, candle making, blacksmithing, and being a student in a one-room schoolhouse.

Soil Study

What do you know about dirt? Where does sediment come from? How is a delta formed? What do different types of soil feel like? Is soil alive? Explore the forest to see the creation of soil in process! Work in teams to model how a stream is formed and how erosion affects it. Discover the makeup of soil. See how dirt can actually act as a water filter!

Pond Study

Students take a nature hike to one of our camp ponds and are faced with a question: is this pond healthy? They apply the scientific process to reach a conclusion. By collecting macro-invertebrates, they work on developing observation skills, using a dichotomous key, recording notes in a journal and forming conclusions. Every student puts on boots, grabs a dip net, looks under a microscope, and gets their hands dirty!

Skins, Skulls, and Tracks Wildlife Study

What can you learn about an animal based on what they leave behind? Can you tell what it ate, where it might have lived, and why it’s shaped the way it’s shaped? Students explore all these questions and more as they interact with our skins and skulls collection, applying scientific thinking to some bony and hairy mysteries!

Native American Culture

Explore the ingenious contributions of Native Americans.
Students discover the unique characteristics, tools, and weapons of tribes from different regions of the United States. They learn about historical figures, major events, and geographic features that shaped each tribe—then they get to practice their skills!

Ecosystem Explore

Walking through the woods can be the best classroom in the world! There’s no telling what your class will come across—a mysterious decomposing log, a consumer in action, a bird building its nest, a pollinator contributing to its ecosystem. Review vocabulary, stop to study nature's processes in action or take time to journal your experience. The possibilities are endless!

Camp Tyler Reward Day

Whether recognizing accomplishments through hard work and attendance, or celebrating the end of a successful school year, choose a day of fun at Camp Tyler with our program designed to reward superb efforts. What an amazing, fun, and active way to celebrate endings!


How much do you know about birds? Explore bird habitats, physical characteristics, and behaviors to learn about the amazing variability of adaptations that birds have, from specialized feet to feathers that suits them to survive in their niche! Take a hike to look for birds in our rich ecosystems at Camp Tyler. Meet our chickens to see birds up close and personal. What can you notice? What do you wonder about?


Insects compose two-thirds of the known species on earth! Come out for a day to find out how insects contribute to our ecosystems. Whether pollinators make sure we have crops to eat, insects provide a meal as part of the food web, or insect larva help decompose a rotting log, there is plenty to learn about the role of insects in nature. Find out the structures and functions of various insects and what makes them unique. Discuss stages in their life cycles. How do different insects use blending in or standing out to survive?

Build Your Program:

Field Trips:

Work with our Program Director to build your field trip using the menu above to compliment your classroom studies. Reinforce the lessons you are teaching with our hands on field studies! Our Day Programs usually run from about 9 AM - 2 PM.

boys journaling

Residential Outdoor School:

Expand your student's horizons! Choose from the menu above to expand the classroom experience. All residential programs include team building to bring your students together as a cohesive group. Develop a plan with our Program Director to further your student's studies with academic field labs. All of the program options above can incorporate math, science,social studies, vocabulary, and more! Residential Outdoor School programs are typically a 3 day 2 night event. Let us know if you would like to extend your stay to incorporate more program options.

All programs are customized to meet the goals of the classroom teacher and are TEKS aligned. We look forward to working with you to design a residential or day program to enhance your classroom lessons with hands on learning!